Thank you for those who took the time to attend one or both of our online Open House Sessions. For any community members who were unable to make it, TSMV is pleased to share the presentation from Friday, October 2, 2020.

TSMV hosted two virtual Open House Sessions open to all Canmore residents to learn more and share their input on the draft Area Structure Plans (ASPs) for Three Sisters Village and Smith Creek. TSMV’s Director of Strategy and Development, Chris Ollenberger, hosted the events, provided a general overview of the project, and was joined by experts in topic areas including affordable housing, economic development, environment, wildlife, land use and mobility. After each expert’s presentation, participants were able to ask questions related to each area of focus.

The purpose of this last stage of engagement was to listen and understand further feedback and questions from the community. A What We Heard Report will summarize input, as well as how it will be incorporated into the final ASPs that will be submitted to the Town of Canmore for decision-making in the fall of 2020.

Please note: Not all technical studies were available at the time of our online Open House Sessions. This is not uncommon in the ASP process. These studies will become available after they have been reviewed by the Town of Canmore administration and accepted. The public will be able to review these supporting technical documents on the TSMV website once published. Three Sisters Village technical studies are published here, and Smith Creek here.