Smith Creek will become an established community intended for residents living and working in Canmore.  It will serve Canmore by providing a variety of housing options and amenities with all the conveniences and services needed for daily living. Smith Creek will strengthen Canmore’s position as a highly desirable place to live, work, play and raise a family.

The community will provide a range of housing options and strive to achieve a compact form, while balancing the need to respond to technical engineering requirements and topography. Building forms will be selected to respond to the topography being constructed on, while balancing the need to take advantage of clustering of uses around transit stops, community nodes, and commercial services enabling a compact, clustered, sustainable community design that responds to the mountainous context.

Smith Creek will contain a Flex-Commercial-Industrial District which will become an important focal point for the residents of Smith Creek and Dead Man’s Flats. It is intended to provide flexible spaces for Canmore businesses to locate and thrive. It will serve as a place for the community to access services and connect with one another. Uses within this area could be retail stores, personal services, grocery, restaurants, offices, and institutional uses.

Smith Creek ASP submitted to the Town of Canmore

Informed by over five years of community engagement and supporting technical studies, TSMV submitted its Area Structure Plan (ASP) for Smith Creek to the Town of Canmore in December 2020. The ASP highlights the high-level framework and policy directions for affordable housing, wildlife and environmental sustainability, transportation considerations, economic diversification opportunities and more, however, it was not approved by Canmore Town Council.

Smith Creek is about staying put and settling in. This new neighbourhood will become the most established community in Three Sisters Mountain Village. Smith Creek will incorporate design features intended to promote inclusiveness and social interaction and connection.

Imagine rinks, parks and pavilions that draw this close-knit community together year-round. Smith Creek will serve Canmore by providing housing options for a range of income levels as well as a small commercial centre with all the conveniences and essential services needed for daily living. It will strengthen Canmore’s position as a highly desirable place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

Smith Creek will be an inclusive and interconnected neighbourhood. This will be achieved by:

  • The provision of diverse housing for a variety of household types and tenures
  • Connections to neighboring areas and Main Street via a network of complete streets and multi-modal transportation options.

Envisioned as the most established community at Three Sisters, Smith Creek will be a close-knit community with residents putting down roots, and taking advantage of the gathering spaces, multi-use trails and other activity-oriented amenities integrated into the community’s fabric.

Smith Creek will be economically viable and vibrant and will contribute positively to the town.
It’s small commercial centre will be a hub for new local commercial/light industrial development that assists the growth and diversification of Canmore’s high potential business clusters.

Smith Creek will employ appropriate practices in neighbourhood design for the setting and location, encourage variety in in design and green building practices, while keeping consistent with Canmore’s authentic mountain character.

Smith Creek will be a safe and resilient community responsibly balancing the requirements of both the built and natural environments. Safe development around areas potentially impacted by steep creek considerations and implementing FireSmart measures will be a major focus.

Where is Smith Creek?
The proposed development area for Smith Creek is located within the Town of Canmore. It encompasses the land adjacent to Stewart Creek Golf Course and extends to the Dead Man’s Flats interchange at the eastern edge of Canmore. Before the Smith Creek lands can be developed, an Area Structure Plan (ASP) must be approved by Town of Canmore Council. 

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