If you are not a planning expert, it can be difficult to understand the level of detail that should be in an Area Structure Plan (ASP). We like to think of the planning process like flying a plane.

When you think of visioning, you can compare this to Instrument Flight Rules, which means you’re flying with instruments only. You clearly know where you are flying to, yet there are no visual cues on how to get there as you’re flying above the clouds and you can’t see the ground.

Once you have clarity on your vision, you can move into the ASP. That’s like Visual Flight Rules. You’re dropping through the clouds and you can just begin to see the
general land use, namely, where planned roads are on the landscape.

As you descend further, and you can begin to see where the buildings are, the building types, and open spaces, that’s when you get to Land Use.

Just before you land you’re low altitude flying, you’ll see where buildings are situated on land parcels. That’s when you get to Subdivision.