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The CAG was formed in early 2015 and was a key component of the community engagement tools used to inform the development of the Smith Creek ASP. The CAG was a selection of volunteers who represented a range of local perspectives from across the Canmore community. The role of the CAG was to provide advice and input to the Town of Canmore and TSMV throughout the development of the Smith Creek Area Structure Plan (ASP).

In spring 2015, the Smith Creek Project team put out a call for volunteers from the Canmore community to get involved in the process to develop the ASP. The Town of Canmore and TSMV jointly selected each member, with a focus on ensuring the members:

  • Represented a broad cross-section of the community
  • Brought expertise, experience and a broad perspective to the table
  • Were known to be collaborative and respected within Canmore and their peer groups
  • Strived to create the ingredients with a combination of people that, when brought together, would be greater than the just the number of its participants


Smith Creek Community Advisory Group Planning Wall

The CAG met nine times and the sub-groups met six times between June 2015 and August 2016. The CAG meetings were led by an experienced facilitator, with the Smith Creek Project Team acting as technical advisors. Meeting notes from all of the CAG meetings are posted on the resources section of this website and a timeline of the CAG meeting can be found here.


  • Community Conversations

    As part of the collaborative ASP process, the Smith Creek Project Team worked to obtain wider community input into and feedback on the ASP concepts throughout the process. Between June 2016 and September 2016, the Project Team hosted a series of small group “community conversations” with community members and representatives from stakeholder groups in the Bow Valley. The community conversations focused on engaging in targeted conversations about particular components of the Smith Creek ASP and the Resort Centre ASP Amendments, including the land-use concept, wildlife mitigation, and the environment, recreation and community amenities. Click here to view the Community Conversations Meeting Notes.

  • Public Events

    Throughout the process, the Project Team hosted a number of events aimed at engaging the broader Canmore community. Broader engagement events included an open house and workshop in the fall of 2015, two information sessions on the Smith Creek ASP and the Resort Centre ASP Amendment in October 2016 and an open house in March 2017 focusing on the ASP submission and wildlife corridor. Additionally, the Project Team organized two interactive online community conversations focusing on wildlife mitigations and undermining. Members of the public were invited to watch the presentation live and ask the Project Team and technical experts questions using instant messaging. You can find videos of the two sessions as well as question-and-answer documents from both online events here.

    The Project Team sincerely appreciates all of the input and feedback received from the community through the entire ASP process.

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